Do you sometimes feel lost in your magical practice?

2 december, 2023


Sometimes we feel lost in our magical practice.

We might feel like we are stuck in the same place, or that we have lost it!

We never lose it, let me assure you!


But it can sure feel like that!


I have felt it several times. I have felt like I have no connection to anything. That I don´t know what I believe and what is real. That I will never find my way back to the deep love I experienced. Or the magic feeling of ceremony.


I think that at those times it means that we are ready for the next level. We might not even know what that new level looks like. It is like we have come a long way and are so used to the energy of where we are, that we think it is gone.

Do you know what I mean?

Then we are ready. We are ready for a new connection.

A deeper connection.


How we get there is not always clear.


I find that if we stay open something will happen.

We might find a new book, a podcast, a community, a friend or a course that speaks to us and opens our eyes and hearts to learn more about ourselves and connect deeper to Goddess.

Sometimes we don´t even know when we have come to the new level until afterwards. It can come as a sudden realisation that things have changed. That we have reached a new depth.

It is beautiful however it happens.

Love, Elin

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