A 5-day introduction to meditation and presence

Connect to peace.

Connect to presence..

Find your way back to yourself.

Are you curious about meditation?

Then why not try this course!

Maybe you have tried meditation, but not really liked it, even though you reeeaaallly wanted to!

Maybe you are already an experienced meditator who just needs a fresh start!

Maybe you know that meditation is really good for your body and soul and is ready to just jump in!


About me

My name is Elin Hejll.  I am a Priestess of Avalon, mindulness instructor, a Reiki Master and have been meditating on and off for the past 20 years. I started meditating regularly when I started my three year Priestess training in 2001. Since then I have used meditation and other mindfulness practices to deepen my connection to Mother Earth, Goddess and MYSELF. 
Meditation can take us so deep into ourselves. I would not trade it for anything! 


About the course

Right now you get all five downloadable meditations plus the manual for only $22.

You also get a manual (pdf) with information about meditation and presence.

Don´t close the page after you have made the payment as you will be able to download all the material from there.


What other people have said about my courses

I love the course I bought from you!

It felt like a true blessing!

”Thank you for creating this course! It is so much easier for me to let myself be guided than having to wonder what my next step will be. I have been able to go depper than I would have done on my own and I return to the meditations again and again.”

Is this course for you?

Are you wondering if you will have time to meditate five days in a row?

You can choose to meditate once a week if you like!

This is a course you can use and re-use as much as you like! Download the meditations and do them on the bus!

Also, when you set the intention to do this you will find the time. This is for you.

Are you wondering if it is too basic?

This is an introductory course, because it only has basic information about the meditations and I have only made it a 5-day thing.

But I can tell you that as a regular meditation person I often return to meditations just like these! Following the breath for 4 minutes. Beautiful! A body scan! Amazing!

So if you feel like you want five good meditations to try, and to use again and again, then why not jump in!


This is for you if:

-you want to try meditating.

-you would like new inspiration and a way to come back to yourself..

-you want to give yourself a gift in the form of time and presence, because you know you are worth it!