Transformative and magical courses that guide you on your way to a more cyclical way of living.

When you have heard Her whispers.

When you need a gentle push or some guidance.

When you are ready to follow your heart.

Connected to Goddess.

Connected to your essence.

She, the creating force of the Universe. Goddess.

She, who surrounds us and flows through us.
You are Her and She is you.

She is the force that reminds us that we are whole and we are holy. That we are powerful and that we can find peace within. 

Meet Her in this 7-day introductory course. 

Get ready to open up to Goddess!

Are you curious to see how a regular meditation practice would affect your life?

Have you tried mediation before but not really got into it, even thought you really would like to?

Are you an experienced meditator who needs a fresh start?

Then why not try my 5-day introductory course to meditation and presence!

Do you love the moon? Are you curious to explore how Her energies affect you?

Are you ready to take the next step towards a more cyclical way of living?

Explore Her phases from dark to full and back to dark with guided meditations, and basic information on Her phases and energies and how you can learn more about yourself with the help of the moon!


Are you a practicing witch or do you feel drawn to learn more about how to live your life, as so many others around the world do, in connection to Goddess and the Divine Feminine?

Do you long for a deeper connection to the elements air, fire, water and earth around you and want to learn how to take the next step towards opening up to the cyclical energies around you?

Can you hear the Goddess calling you?