Awaken your connection to Goddess

Have you heard the whispers in the wind?

Have you felt Her close as you stand in nature and look up at the moon?

Are you ready to slow down and take the next step on your path with Her?

She, the creating force of the Universe, Goddess, the Lady of 10,000 names is all around us and in every cell of our bodies.

She is the energy that reminds us that we are sacred, that we are strong, and that we can find peace in every moment.

I invite you to this 7-day introductory course to open yourself up to Goddess, or to awaken your connection to Her.

Are you ready?

Can you feel Her calling?

Then this is for you!

You know that feeling of standing under the moon and knowing that there is something more than what we can see.

That knowing that there is power in the Earth, in the Fire, the Water and the Air.

The knowing in your heart that She is calling you to the next step on your path.

You know, right?


I hear you! 

You know that you are ready for the next step.

You know you are ready to open up, be present and connect to the Divine Feminine, to Goddess.

But you might not be sure how.

Or you might just want some guidance.

We all do sometimes! And that is wonderful!

In that way we are able to relax, let go and just enjoy the ride!

Why learn from me?

Good question! Let me tell you why!
My name is Elin and I am a Priestess with over 20 years´ experience of walking this path.

Between 2001-2005 I did my Priestess training with Kathy Jones in Glastonbury.

After that I helped create and hold sacred ceremonies at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference for many years, as well as helping out with dedication ceremonies.

I have also held ceremonies and workshops at Goddess conferences in Germany and here in Sweden.

Every six weeks I facilitate online ceremonies honouring the seasonal changes.


What you will get

How do I get access?

Awaken to Her magic – Your magic!

For only $40 you will get four downloadable guided meditations (mp3).

You will get detailed descriptions of three ceremonies that you will perform.

You will get a beautiful 26-page manual (pdf) to read online or print out and keep.

As you set your intention to take this step, to move forward, to follow the call you will start to awaken even more to your true self.

You will be held every step by Goddess.

The time is now

You have heard Her call.

You know you want to take the next step.

You know what your heart and soul wants.

Are you ready?

Come on, take my hand and I will guide you.

How you get access to the course

Easy peasy! 
Once the payment has gone through PayPal will take you to the page where you can find all the material you need.
Be patient with PayPal and wait… And if they don´t do their job, just send me an e-mail at hello(at) and I will sort it out quick smart!

What other people have said about my courses

Is this for you?

Are you wondering if you will have time for it all?

This course is designed to last a week, but many people have taken longer to complete it. 

You do it at your own pace. That. iswhat this whole cyclical living is about.

Listening to yourself.

So yes, you will have time.

I create my courses so that even people with full-time jobs will have time to work through them.

This is for you if

you are longing for guidance towards a new way of being

or if you are curious if the path of the pagan witch or Priestess is for you

if you have heard the call, the whisper and know in your heart that you need a gentle push.

I´ve got you!

Any other questions, just ask me!


”Couldn´t I just google all of this”, you may ask?

Sure! I don´t teach any secrets. I don´t claim to have all the answers.
What I do is collect all my knowledge, my experience and my love for this work in smaller packages for YOU!
My courses are easy to follow.
They are filled with my LOVE.
They are written and created with care and passion.

I want to guide you, walk beside you on your path of exploration, which is like no other person´s path.

If that sounds good to you, then I invite you to join me!


You are so welcome to join us on this magical path!