Do you remember the first time you called yourself a witch?

14 april, 2024

Do you remember?
At the start of my journey I called myself a pagan and it took many years before I reclaimed the word witch.

Before I did that I trained as a Priestess.

Priestess was a word I really resonated with. I will never forget the magical night under the full moon in Chalice Well gardens in Glastonbury where I made my dedication to The Lady of Avalon to serve as Her Priestess.

I served as a Priestess for a few years at the Glastonbury Goddess conference as well as in dedication ceremonies for other women and men on the same path.

For me, the word witch was one I did not understand. At first I saw it as someone on the Goddess path who worked more with spells, which is something I have never done.

But in the last few years I have come to understand it in another way. For me, to reclaim the word witch means to stand in my power as a woman, as a Priestess, reclaiming my power.
Reclaiming my right to say no.
To say yes.
To speak up.
To be my fully expressed self in all its madness, weirdness and beauty.

For others, witch has a different meaning or energy.

It is like that with some words. We feel into them and give them a meaning that resonates with us.

It does not matter what we call ourselves. Witch, Priestess, pagan, wise woman and everything in between.

We know who we are and what we are here to do.

We decide ourselves what it means.

Love, Elin xx

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