What do witches believe in?

18 april, 2024

What do pagans believe? How do we see the world?


I always say that witches (and pagans and Priestesses) don´t believe. We KNOW.


I don´t say I believe in Goddess. I KNOW Goddess. I know Her energies. I know how She manifests in me and in nature.

But let me give you a brief outline.


Pagans see nature as sacred. We observe the changing of the seasonal cycles around us and use them to mirror our own experience and life in order to go deeper within.

This means that as each year as the wheel turns we get to return to different issues in life, like love, passion, rest, transformation and growth.

We get to explore where we are stuck, where we are missing things, where we find flow and how we can move on and go deeper still.


We feel that nature is alive. The universe is alive, and the same energy that flows though us flows through trees, rocks, rivers and everything else.


To really experience the energies of the seasons we celebrate eight festivals every year. There is Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, The Spring Equinox (Eostre), Beltane, The Summer Solstice (Litha), Lammas and the Autumn Equinox.


Through these festivals we open up to and connect with different elements (air, fire, water and earth) as well as different Goddesses and Gods.


That takes us to the divine. Goddess. God. I always say that the universal energy is male, female and everything in-between, and that we can tune into the right frequency for us.

I work almost exclusively with Goddess energies, because that is what suits me and where I feel at home. Others find that they need a balance of masculine and feminine and open up to both God and Goddess.

The God and the Goddess also come in all different shades and frequencies, which is important to emphasise so that we make it clear that paganism does not exclude non-binary people. There is room for everyone.

All Goddesses are One and all Gods are One.

And there are no rules apart from the old ”do what ye will, and harm none”.

That is what I love. We create our own practice following our own heart.

I have learned so much from my teacher Kathy Jones and others, but I make the practice my own.

It is not just the seasonal cycles we follow, we also tune in to the phases of the moon and of our own bodies.

I will talk more about that in another post.

Love, Elin xx

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