How do witches connect to the magic around us?

24 maj, 2024

You might have read my post about what pagans believe, or as I say KNOW!
If not you can find it here:
What do witches believe?

In that post I said I would share a bit about how we connect to the seasonal energies, the moon´s phases and to God/dess.

One way to say it is that we connect to the energy all the time. But I will explain it a bit better.
We use ceremony, meditation and ritual as the main way to open up, connect to and explore the energies around us.

Ceremony can be done either on ones own or with others. I find it incredibly powerful to do it when in circle with others, as it seems like the presence, dedication and intention of the group makes it easier for everyone to open up.

Ceremony gives us the opportunity to focus on specific energies. I usually hold sacred ceremony for all the eight festivals throughout the year, but I can do ceremony whenever I feel called. Perhaps for the full moon, or when I want to release something.

Meditation is also very powerful as it teaches us patience, how to go deeper into our true essence and how to be present. This is important since presence is such an important element of holding sacred space in ceremony.

In ceremony we call Goddess in.
We call in the energies of the season and with practice we learn how they feel energetically and physically in our bodies.
With practice it get easier and easier to connect to Goddess and recognise the different frequencies the different Goddesses and elements have.

If you are curious as to whether or not the pagan path is for you, why not check out my free guide that comes with a guided meditation where you get to experience the energies that is around as well as within us!

Love, Elin xx

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